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Daily Dose Espresso

Daily Dose Espresso

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The Daily Dose Espresso comes with two coffee blends from 80% Tanzania Mbinga AA and 20% Tanzania Karagwe regions blended and then roasted to the Full City profile.
It has a silky cream with its unique flavor durations. It gives excellent results in both plain and milky coffees.
Daily Dose Espresso offers a unique taste experience for coffee lovers.

Name: Daily Dose Espresso
Type: Arabica - Robusta
Processing Type: Washed – Natural
Taste Profile: Hazelnut, Dark Chocolate, Tobacco and Citrus
Body: Medium
Acidity: Medium
Degasing: Minimum rest period, 15 days from roasting roast. 

*** All of our coffees are sent freshly roasted and ground upon request while being shipped.

* Our coffees are sent in special zip valve packages and thus, they constantly maintain their freshness.

Don't Forget To Take Your Daily Dose!

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