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Costa Rica Finca El Mirador Anaerobic Honey

Costa Rica Finca El Mirador Anaerobic Honey

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Name: Costa Rica Finca El Mirador
Type: arabica
Processing Type: Honey Anaerobic
Taste Profile: Cinnamon, Blueberry, Milk Chocolate, Champagne, Dried Fruits, Perfume

Altitude: 1300
Harvest: 2022
Variety: Caturra & Catuai


Finca El Mirador is located in the West Walley region of Costa Rica and is managed by the second generation member of the family, Oman Alguliera Chaves, on this 37-hectare farm with a long history, cultivars such as Villa Sarchi, Caturra, Sarchimor and Obata. Thanks to its farm location and terroir features, El Mirador is one of the important points of Costa Rica's coffee production.

Anaerobic Honey

Anaerobic fermentation refers to the atmosphere that the coffee is in during the fermentation, where the oxygen entry is cut off. This type of fermentation coffee is usually taken in closed containers and content oxygen is not allowed during the fermentation process. As a result of the controlled temperature and internal gas release process, which is sometimes evacuated by valves, results of strength and depth are obtained that you are not accustomed to seeing in classically washed or natural coffees in the cup. In the Anaerobic Honey method, before the coffees are taken into closed containers, the peeling process is passed and the details are processed in such a way that mucilage remains on it. Controlled temperature and time are used on sugar disintegration and the character of the lot.

El Mirador's "Anaerobic Honey" coffee has become a favorite of coffee lovers. The farm's quality features and special processing method make the taste of coffee unique.

El Mirador's "Anaerobic Honey" coffee offers a unique experience for coffee lovers. Its delicious flavor profile, intensity and unique processing method make coffee truly special.
We recommend coffee lovers to try El Mirador's "Anaerobic Honey" coffee.

* Our coffees are sent with special zip and valve packages. In this way, it constantly maintains its freshness.

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