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Colombia Luis Anibal Calderon - Caturron Espresso

Colombia Luis Anibal Calderon - Caturron Espresso

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Luis Anibal Calderon, one of Colombia's qualified and innovative coffee producers, has been growing exotic coffee varieties for over thirty years. Caturron - An experimental variety inspired by Carbonic Maceration wine fermentation.
The seeds are taken into Grain Pro bags where they will stay for 50 hours after 24 hours of aerobic fermentation. The washing process is done gently and dried on raised beds until the ideal humidity level. Roasted with our innovative techniques.

It is exciting that this variety, which creates a clean profile that does not tire the palate, offers caramel-like flavors such as blueberry and milk jam in the cup.

Region: Huila - Acevedo
Type: Caturron
Altitude: 1500 - 1600m
Processing Type: Washed Carbonic Maceration
Flavor Profile: Cane sugar, Milk caramel, Blueberry
Body: Strong
Acidity: Medium
Manufacturer: Cofinet
Degasing: The minimum rest period is 15 days from the roast date.

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