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Colombia Supremo Lucero Filter Coffee

Colombia Supremo Lucero Filter Coffee

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Colombia is the world's second largest producer of washed Arabica coffee. It exports nearly 12.5 million coffee sacks to the world annually. Thanks to its geographical size and microclimatic conditions, coffee is produced in different regions of the year in every period of the year. Colombia Supremo Lucero stands for the largest coffee bean from Colombia. The sieve size is 17-18 sieves. The sieve is the size of the coffee bean.
Colombia Supremo is available from three regions; Lucero - Medellin - Huila... but this region varies depending on when the coffee is shipped. We prefer regional blended coffees that are consistent every time. Balanced and smooth, medium body with notes of chocolate, toffee, honey and raisins, a bright acidity and a pleasant aftertaste.

Region: Huila - Lucero
Type: Arabica
Altitude: 1520 - 1650m
Processing Type: Fully washed
Taste Profile: Chocolate, fudge, honey, raisins
Body: Strong
Acidity: Medium
Degassed: The minimum rest period is 15 days from the roast date.

*** All of our coffees are freshly roasted and ground according to your request while being shipped.

* Our coffees are sent in packages with special zip valves, thus keeping their freshness constantly.

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