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Cold Brew Blend

Cold Brew Blend

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Cold Brew, a type of coffee obtained by brewing coffee beans with cold water for a long time, has become very popular in recent years. Cold Brew coffee has lower acidity, sweeter and milder flavor compared to other coffee brewing methods.
We think you will love the chocolate and fruit flavors it leaves on your palate!

Preparation of your Cold Brew coffee: First of all, it is quite easy. For the Cold Brew brewing method, put your ground coffee in a jar, add water to the jar and close the lid tightly. Refrigerate the mixture for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours. Then strain the coffee beans using a strainer and serve cold. Enjoy your meal.

Our Coffee Bean: In our Cold Brew Blend special blend coffee, we use Colombia Suprema Lucero with a sweet and fruity flavor, Costa Rica Cerro Dragon with a caramelized and fruity taste profile, and Daily Dose Espresso beans with hazelnut and dark chocolate flavors.

If you want to try making Cold Brew coffee, we recommend you to try this unique flavor that we have prepared with high quality coffee beans.

Ultimately, Cold Brew coffee has a different flavor from other coffee brewing methods and will be a great alternative for coffee lovers!
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Degasing: The minimum rest period is 15 days from the roasting date.

* Our coffees are sent in packages with special zip valves, thus keeping their freshness constantly.

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